Your Voice Our Support

An automated system to provide 24-hour helpline services to report and follow-up on incidents of Violence Against Women and Girls

Your Voice Our Support is a 24-hour helpline where an incident of Gender Based Violence (GBV) can be reported. Unlike traditional helpline, incident of violence automatically gets recorded into our state of our system, which is then accessed by dedicated operators and followed upon individually. Incidents can be reported through telephone systems using Interactive Voice Response (IVR), Mobile SMS or through the dedicated web interface. In case the victim wants to talk directly with operators, incoming calls can also be routed to respective operators. Once the incident is recorded, it automatically enters into our customised Case Management System for necessary follow-ups from our expert CSO and government networks.

We intend to automate the process of complaint registration and follow-up in collaboration with existing government machinery and CSO partners.

The basic premise of this solution is to make helpline accessible to people irrespective of office-hours, geography, language and other barriers. However, this helpline is not for emergency situations that require immediate rescues and support from the Police. Through this solution, we intend to automate the process of complaint registration and follow-up in collaboration with existing government machinery and CSO partners. For each of the incidents that gets reported to our system, we provide one-on-one counselling and support as required to the victims by mobilizing our CSO network. During the process, we ensure that confidentiality of victims and reporters are strictly maintained. Also, Consent will be requested before a case is referred or data from caller’s personal information is used for studies and analysis.

How does it work?


Incident of violence is reported by the victim themselves or third party individuals using any of the following mechanisms

Voice Calls

By giving a call to designated telephone numbers ( 1660-01-22422 for Nepal Telecom users and 01-5008727 for other telecom users)

Mobile SMS

By sending an sms to a shortcode number (5002) in the format described here

Online Form

By filling out a form within FightVAWG platform, accessible here, victims or third party can report the incident with necessary details.


Incoming report through voice, SMS or online form gets recorded in a centralized Case Recorder system along with phone numbers or email address of the sender. This is only accessible to designated responsible operators. The system can be accessed anytime and from any location using internet connectivity.


Operator transcribes incoming report, collects other necessary data and information by communicating with the sender (through stored phone numbers or email address) and enters detail into the Case Management System (CMS).


Through case management system, operator assigns the case to a professional CSO representative based on the kind of support required (eg. legal assistance, psycho social counselling, shelter, etc.)


Assigned CSO professional will communicate with the victim and provide necessary support.

If required, CSO professional will also coordinate with other CSO representatives and government agencies. They could even assign certain follow-up activity to other CSO representatives (eg. ask CSO with legal expertise to provide their expertise to victim).

Every follow-up details and progress will be duly recorded into the case management system.


Once the case has been resolved and victim is satisfied with the support, the case will be marked as closed and archived in the system for future reference.

Your Voice Our Support

If you want to know more about this solution or have any suggestion or feedback, we would love to hear from you. Please get in touch with us.