Self Help

An andriod app that equips women and girls with the easy to operate functionality of alerting their closed friends and family in case of emergency situations.

About the solution

With this app, women and girls can save up to five contact numbers belonging to their friends and family. In case of emergency situations when they feel insecure or in danger, the app can be activated by pressing power button of the mobile phone three to four times. This will then trigger the app to send preset help message along with geo-location of the user as SMS message to the saved contacts.

How does It Work?

  • Women and girls download and install the app in their android phones.
  • They access the app and make following changes to the app setting as per their requirement.
    • Adding 5 Saviors to the app from existing contacts or entering new ones. Saviours are individuals (friends and family) who will be alerted in case of emergency by the app.
    • Changing the default Help Message to suit their need. Eg. This is Jamuna and i am in trouble. Please help me immediately.
  • In case of emergency situations, women and girls will simply press the power button of their device 3-4 times. This will automatically activate the app to send configured message along with their GPS location to saviors.
  • Women and girls with this app can also report incident of violence, view details of organizations working on VAWG as added components.

The app is available for free to download for android phones and can be used anywhere with mobile coverage.