Case Management System

An online system to manage cases of VAWG that allows service providers to collaborate and exchange information, keep track of individual case history and generate reports as required.

About the solution

Case Management System is an online system that enables service providers (CSOs) to manage the cases with ease. With this system, service providers can record all the information regarding the case including the services provided by them and follow ups of the cases and refer the case to other service providers when needed. When referred, service providers don’t have to rework to get background information of the victim This system is currently available for our partner CSOs and can be scaled to include other service providers as required. The system is also capable of generating aggregated reports as required.

How does it work?

  • As soon as the incident of violence is recorded via phone call, SMS or online form, it automatically enters into the case management system as a registered case and a unique case number is assigned to it automatically.
  • Designated helpline operator is informed about the case by the system through email and SMS message.
  • Helpline operator logs into the system and carries out first level transcription of the message to see if it is a genuine entry or not. Fake reports are immediately discarded by the operator as ‘not a case’.
  • In case of genuine entry, helpline operator communicates with the person who recorded the incident and gets more information about the incident and enters detail into the system. During the process, following information are captured
    • Information about the incident (type of violence, location of incident, date of incident, etc.)
    • Information about the victim (name, age, ethnicity, contact address, etc.)
    • Information about the perpetrator (name, age, ethnicity, relation with the victim, etc.)
  • Through the system, helpline operator assigns the case to relevant CSO representative based on the nature of incident and type of support needed.
  • Assigned CSO representative is informed about the assignment via email.
  • CSO representative log on to the system using using their credentials from anywhere using the internet and access information about the case along with necessary instructions.
  • CSO representative provides necessary services to the victim (by various offline mechanisms like counselling, legal support, connecting them to necessary agencies, etc.). Each of the follow-up activity carried out by the CSO representative is duly recorded as a follow-up activity with necessary details of the service provided into the system.
  • In situations where CSO representative feels the need for other individuals (from different CSO or agency) to provide service to the victim, the representative assigns the case to relevant individuals through the system.
  • Other focal person to whom the case has been assigned by earlier CSO representative is informed about their assignment. They too follow similar steps (Step 7 -9) and record every details of services provided into the system.
  • Once the victim is provided with full services and her issues are resolved, CSO representatives provides appropriate remark into the system.
  • Helpline operator verifies resolution of cases by talking with victims and/or individual who reported the incident and marks the case as closed. Closed cases are then archived by the system.
  • Operator and other individuals with designated access to the system access case management system on a periodic basis for monitoring purpose to ensure that the system is effective to resolve reported incidents. This is done by accessing following system components
    • Dashboard with detail information on incoming reports from various sources and their status, assignment of cases to different CSO representatives, etc.
    • Snapshot reports on different cases and their status for selected period of time
    • Real time updates on different services provided by CSO representatives on individual cases.
    • Detail reports on progress and follow-up with history or activities carried out within the system for each of the cases within system.

If you are an organization providing services to victims of VAWG and are interested to have a look at the case management system,