Fight Violence Against Women and Girls (FightVAWG) is an integrated platform that provides comprehensive solution to combat Violence against Women and Girls in Nepal through strategic use of ICTs. Our solution provides efficient mechanism for reporting cases of violence, enhance coordination and collaboration among service providers to respond on reported cases and provide one-stop-site for data and information on gender-based violence in Nepalese context.

FightVAWG evolved as a national level initiative with its roots going back to June 2013 when World Bank, IFC, YoungInnovations and Computer Association of Nepal jointly organized a Hackathon called VAWHack. During the hackathon, around 100 participants representing CSOs, techies, journalists and private sector collectively worked on 19 different ideas aimed at providing ICT based solutions to address the issue of violence against women and girls in Nepal. The event was crucial in exploring the potential of using ICTs to address the issue of VAWG in different ways for the first time. Promising solutions that came out of the hackathon have been aggregated to form the basis of this initiative. Learn More about Hackathon

After the hacakthon, World Bank and YoungInnovations partnered with National Women Commission and different CSOs to further develop solutions, pilot them for viability, refine the solutions and finally implement them at the ground. The result is this platform which is not about re-inventing the wheel rather it is all about complimenting on going effort of different CSOs, government agencies and other stakeholders using ICTs. Different component of the platform are:

Your Voice Our Support

An automated helpline for victims or third parties to report incident of violence using telephone, SMS or online medium that is available 24/7. Read More

Case Management System

An online system to manage cases of VAWG that allows service providers to collaborate and exchange information, keep track of individual case history and generate reports as required. Read More


An andriod app that equips women and girls with the easy to operate tool for alerting their closed friends and family in case of emergency and awkward situations. Read More

Stakeholders Mapping

A searchable repository of organisations located in different parts of the country who are actively working on Gender Based Violence (GBV). Read More

Media Monitoring

An automated tool to constantly monitor, analyse and maintain records of VAWG incidents that have been reported in mainstream media. Read More

Mero Katha

An online repository of positive stories and cases that highlight positive stories of women survivors who have survived and moved on in life. Read More

FightVAWG is response to our social problem on VAWG using technologies and solutions that been ideated, developed and implemented in Nepal !!

Organizations Involved

At present, following organisations are collaborating to steer the initiative.

World Bank

Social Development Unit within the World Bank is steering the initiative with their support in capacity development and resource mobilisation. Visit WorldBank


A software development company based in Nepal with its proven expertise in providing ICT solutions to development organisations nationally and internationally is leading technical development side of the initiative since 2013. Visit YoungInnovations

National Women Commission (NWC)

As a constitutional body responsible for ensuring women’s right, growth and development in the country, NWC is providing it’s strategic guidance and support in institutionalisation and sustainability of the initiative. Visit NWC

We also work directly with following CSOs to pilot, test and implement our solutions at the ground.


A national level NGO working for empowerment of women and children through the promotion of gender equity and equality based development. Visit Saathi

TPO Nepal

Transcultural Psychosocial Organization (TPO) Nepal works on prodding psychosocial services to victims of violence and other vulnerable communities in Nepal. Visit TPO Nepal


Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Cente (CWIN) is a pioneer organisation in Nepal working for the rights of children and against clild labour exploitation. Visit CWIN


Legal Aid and Advocacy Centre (LAAC) provides legal and counselling support thought out the country for victims of violence and other groups of people. Visit LAAC