FightVAW (Fight Violence Against Women) is an initiative to fight violence against women in Nepal using ICT (Information and Communications Technology). This is a followup from the VawHack (hackathon on VAW) conducted on Jun 16, 2013.

VawHack brought together around hundred technologists and CSOs under the same roof, who worked on 18 brilliant ideas to fight VAW. Three winners were announced at the end of the day. "Your Voice Our Support", "Mero Katha" and "Self-Help" won first, second and third prizes respectively.

FightVaw is an attempt to make use of the technologies developed during VawHack. It comprises of three winners and one more application called "Vaw Repo and Social Campaigner" - short details provided below. FightVaw will be piloted in few locations to see the impact and adoption of technology in this sector before reaching out to the mass.

Your Voice Our Support

Voice is an ‘Asterisk based system’ where the telephone calls from the victims will be recorded by the system. The victims call a given number, the system picks up the call and records it. The recorded calls will be available to the authorized CSOs, who will transcribe the calls and follow up with the issues.

Team members: Namita Pradhan, Sundar Man Vaidya, Susan Joshi

Mero Katha

Mero Katha collects the positive and success VAW related stories and shares them to the community both online and offline. CSOs will handpick the relevant news and stories and publish them in the website. The published materials will also be shared in social media such as facebook and twitter.

Team members: Ingeborg Patsch, Jayanti Mala Chapagain, Olin Thakur, Yuktilal Marik, Wolf Price


Self-Help helps people make quick calls to emergency number I00 for help. They can send quick SMS with their geo-location to the preset mobile numbers during distress. They can report on violence using SMS or email. The reports are collected in the system and then followed up by the CSOs.

Team members: Anish Parajuli, Binisha Shrestha, Dipendra Kusi, Kabindra Shakya, Nhasala Joshi

VAW Repo

VAW Repo is a collection of VAW related news and organizations. It helps to look for different organizations working in different districts quickly. It also pulls news related to VAW from different news-portal and VAW related sites and collects them in the system. The users will have one window access to the vaw related news and organizations in a single site.

Team members: Subit Raj Pokharel, Sudip Kafle, Roshan Bhandari, Sudha Kafle